Public Notices for the Town of Madbury, NH.
13 Town Hall Rd, Madbury, NH  03823
Tel: 603 742-5131 • Fax: 603 742-2502
Regularly Scheduled Meetings

   Board of Selectmen - First and Third Mondays of the month.  Madbury Town Hall, 7:00pm. 
                                       Each Friday of the month.  Madbury Town Hall, 8:30am.
   Conservation Commission
- Fourth Monday of the month.  Madbury Town Hall, 7:00pm
   Library Trustees  Third Thursday of the month at Madbury Public Library, 9:00am.
   Planning Board - First and Third Wednesday of the month.  Madbury Town Hall, 7:00pm
   Recreation Commission - Third Tuesday of the month.  Madbury Town Hall, 7:00pm
   Water Resources Board - Last Tuesday of the month.  Madbury Town Hall, 7:00pm
   Zoning Board of Adjustment - Third Tuesday of the month (as necessary).  Madbury Town Hall, 7:00pm

The Oyster River Local River Advisory Committee meets on the Fourth Thursday of the month, 5:30pm at the Madbury Town Hall.
Effective April 3, 2017, official posting locations for town notices are the bulletin board inside
town hall, the kiosk outside town hall, and the town website (this page).
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Notice of Trail Closures      Click here for the Notice of Trail Closures on the Hayes Farm Easement. 
Public Notice  Town of Madbury  Mosquito Control     Click here to download the notice.    Posted 3/28/2017
Public Notice (continues on to May 17, 2017 meeting)   Originally posted 4/7/2017
The Madbury Planning Board will consider an application for a Conditional Use Permit under the Ordinances and Regulations
of the Town of Madbury on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, at 7:00 pm, Madbury Town Hall, 13 Town Hall Road, Madbury NH.
Charles and Beth Goss present this application for Map 6 Lot 6 located at 6 Cherry Lane. The applicants propose to host events
including on-farm weddings and other gatherings of up to 250 people, educational, equestrian, and other history and agriculture-
related programs on a seasonal basis in accordance with the “agritourism” provision of the zoning ordinances.
If the application is found complete and meets the standards of the regulations, it will be accepted for consideration and a public
hearing on the matter will follow. Documents relevant to this application can be viewed at the Town Hall or online at
Public Notice     Posted 5/22/2017
The Madbury Trustees of the Trust Fund will hold a public meeting on Monday, May 22, 2017, 6:30pm, Madbury Town Hall,
13 Town Hall Rd.
Public Hearing    Posted  5/16/2017
The Madbury Board of Selectmen will hold a Public Hearing on Friday, May 26, 2017, 8:30am, Madbury Town Hall, 13 Town
Hall Rd to legalize, ratify, and confirm the actions, votes, and proceedings of the town election and town meeting that was
scheduled to take place on March 14, 2017, but was postponed due to weather and held on Thursday, March 16, 2017.