Motor Vehicle Reg - One Check Only

As of April 1, the Town Clerk will require one check made payable to the Town of Madbury for all motor vehicle transactions. Checks made payable to the State of NH will no longer be accepted. This change is due to a software upgrade recommended by the state. All motor vehicle renewal notices mailed after March 2019 will note the change as a reminder to our residents.

Town Hall Parking Notice

Beginning on April 1st, the town will be constructing a new library in the wooded area between the town hall and the existing library.  The town hall parking lot (east side and existing library side) will be closed during land clearing operations.  Town hall users are directed to the parking lot on the west side of town hall (church side).  Recreational users are asked to use the expansion parking lot across the street from the town hall (in the woods near the ball field).  

2019 Dog Licenses

The 2019 Madbury dog licenses are now available. Spayed and neutered dogs are $6.50, unaltered dogs are $9.00. All dogs must have a current rabies certificate on file.

Mosquito Control Notice

Signup for Madbury Post

The Madbury Post is an town email notification service.  Messages from the service will originate from the Board of Selectmen, Town Clerk or Emergency Services.  Click here for the signup form and more information.