COVID Voting

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Things you should know about voting at the fall Primary and General Elections.

In-person voting will occur but under conditions to protect both the voters and poll workers, necessary precautions may include:

"Absentee Registration and Voting represents the lowest health risk
to municipal officials, election workers and voters"

Due to the COVID-19 Emergency, as declared by Governor Sununu and Joint Guidance by William M. Gardner, Secretary of State, Gordon J. MacDonald, Attorney General, it is possible to register (if not registered) and vote by absentee in the NH State Primary and General Elections.

Click here to learn more about
absentee registration and voting.

Please Help Ensure Safe and Efficient Elections this Fall

Moderator      Donald Goodnow

Town Clerk     Lisa Amarosa

Selectman       Janet G. Wall

Selectman       Frederick Green

Selectman       Bruce Hodsdon

Madbury Election Officials

These instructions may be subject to change due to State requirements.